Volume 8 ~ Issue 5                                                                                                                      August/September ~ 2017
~ A Trip to the Real Magical Kingdom ~
by Sally Armstong
This past May I was fortunate enough to return to the Royal Windsor Horse Show in England with the Carriage Association of America (CAA).  Since I had been before I felt comfortable about what to expect and what to pack.  Was I ever wrong!  There was nothing routine about this trip!

Jill Ryder, the Executive Director of the CAA and the one who conducts the trip, called me and asked if I would be willing to represent the CAA at the Light Trade Class since I am on the CAA board of directors. Jill explained in detail what I would need to do.  Little did we know what was in store for me when I said yes!  I was allowed a guest so I designated my good friend Margie Cox from Oklahoma City since we were going together.

By the time we were ready to leave home there was an entire change of wardrobe. We each went out and bought three dresses!  I can’t remember the last time I bought a dress!  And a hat…we had to have a hat!   From then on we were living the dream.

On Thursday afternoon we arrived at the Royal Pavilion at the appointed time and we were escorted to the front row of the Royal Box.  The gentleman told us to sit next to the “high” chair but not in it.  That was the Queen’s chair.  It was six inches taller than the other chairs and was red velvet.  The Queen wasn’t there that afternoon.  I got a nudge from Margie as she rested her arm on the Queen’s chair.   

When the time came, I was escorted into the Castle Arena to present the ribbons and the trophy in the Light Trade Class.  I won’t even try to describe the incredible feeling.  

Margie and I then got to remain in the front row of the Royal Box for the rest of the afternoon performance.   We had the best seats there…well except for THE one next to Margie.  It was awesome.

We were joined in the box by a gentleman who had the title “Sir”.  When he learned we were from Texas and Oklahoma he said he was honored to meet some real “Southern Belles”.  We dispelled that quickly when we explained we were “Cowgirls from the West”.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better…it did!  On Friday evening we were invited to a dinner for fifty people sponsored by the King of Bahrain!  Everything was perfectly timed.  We arrived at the appointed time and place.  The parking pass was designated VVIP….nothing like an extra “V” to feel special!  From 6:00 – 7:00 champagne or Pimms and the most decorative and tasty canapes imagined.  7:00 – 8:00 was dinner; salad, monk fish on a bed of curly kale and oxtail ravioli with white wine, dessert was a heavenly dark chocolate cup filled with orange mousse and red wine.  8:00 – 10:00 was the evening performance followed by cheese and cracker boards and an open bar.    

When it was time to sit in the Royal Box area Margie and I followed the group since we didn’t know the unwritten social rules of where to sit.  The gentleman in charge came up and said he would escort us to our seats.  Guess what?!!!!   He took us right down to the front row of the Royal Box! Unbelievable!!!!

How can it ever get better than that?  It did.  We received an engraved invitation to attend a champagne reception Sunday afternoon immediately following the show.  There were about forty people there and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip arrived!  They both circulated through the room and greeted each individual. 

We met Prince Philip first.  When he was told we were with the CAA he asked Margie if she drove and she replied she drove a pair of Arabians.  He commented good for you and that they are a spirited animal.  He then asked if I drove.  I proudly answered I drove a three abreast hitch of Miniature Donkeys.  He just shook his head and said, “There’s one born every minute.”

And then….Queen Elizabeth is standing before us!  We gave a slight bow and she extended her hand to each of us.
We actually shook hands with Queen Elizabeth!!!  She is amazing.  She focuses her eyes right on you as if no one else is in the room.  She doesn’t look like 91, but more like a spry 80.  Her skin is beautiful and she has the clearest, sparkling blue eyes.  Her smile is lovely.  It’s months later and I’m still on Cloud 9.

Photos weren’t allowed inside, but Margie took a photo through the window, just a few minutes before the Queen entered the room. 

I almost forgot!  We got to see an incredible horse show

~ Recreational Drive - Poker Run -Warmup for Black Star ~
September 23, 2017
Our annual Recreational Drive morphed into a super event this year!  Several club members have been mowing the trails at Black Star all summer.  There are many new trails and a new course planned for our CDE.  Come and spend the day driving the trails.  Bring a picnic lunch and plan on spending time with friends.  The day use fee for Black Star is $25.  Play as many Poker Hands as you want at $5 a hand or just concentrate on seeing the new trails.  Stalls will be available through Black Star, if you need them.

For more information,  contact Joyce Williams at 903-288-0013, (cell) 530-613-6507 or email.

~ CAA Driver Proficiency Evaluations & Muffy Seaton Lessons ~
It’s official!!  Muffy Seaton will be at the Day of Recreational Driving at Black Star, Rockwall, Saturday September 23rd to administer the CAA Driver Proficiency evaluations.  CAA driver proficiency evaluations are rarely given in the DFW area so one is encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.

In addition to administering the CAA Driving Proficiency Evaluations Saturday September 23rd, Muffy Seaton is available to give lessons on the 21st, 22nd, and 24th as part of the Day of Recreational Driving weekend.  Please see the following for information pertaining to evaluations and lessons. CAA Announcement    CAA Application    Muffy Seaton Lessons

Sheryl Lunz may be contacted at 903-259-6197 (home), 972-977-4080 (cell/text) or email for information regarding the driver proficiency evaluations and lessons with Muffy.
~ HACA Driving Derby ~
September 16, 2017
The Driving Derby was so much fun - there are plans for Part 2.  Yes another driving derby is planned for Saturday Sept 16th in Giddings!!  The format will be the same as the one held in June.

If you missed the first one plan on this one...it is a fun low stress event for both driver and horse.  For additional information, click here.

Note:  We went to the HACA Driving Derby they had in June and it was a great event.   Fun, Safe and a super facility.   Stalls were open with easy access, parking for any size rig, great footing in the arena also.  Would encourage anyone to attend as it is great for all levels of driver or equine.

Eileen Leek
~ Calendar of Events ~
August 19th - BVDRC Annual Horsemen’s Market Day.  Brazos County Expo Complex, East Pavilion, 5827 Leonard RD., Bryan, Texas.  Contact Lee Fuermann 979-777-9239 (cell/text); email or check BVDRC website.

September 2nd - NTW Schooling Day at Willow Draw.  573 North Bend Road, Weatherford, Texas.  NTW drivers can practice on the obstacles in the morning as a warm up for the Fall Romp.  Cross Country Drive in the afternoon.  NTW website.

September 9th - NTW Fall Romp. Willow Draw Arena.  573 North Bend Road, Weatherford, Texas.  NTW website.

September 16th - HACA Driving Derby.  Lee County Sheriff's Rodeo Arena, Giddings, Texas.  For additional information, click here.

September 23rd - TCA Recreational Drive - Poker Run & Warmup for Black Star.  5565 FM 549. Rockwall, Texas. Contact Joyce Williams at 903-288-0013, cell 530-613-6507 or email.

September 22nd -24th - CAA Driver Proficiency Tests & Lessons with Muffy Seaton.  Black Star Farm.  5565 FM 549. Rockwall, Texas.  Contact Sheryl Lunz at 903-259-6197 (home), 972-977-4080 (cell/text) or email

September 30th - October 1st - Have Fun In Texas Driving Trial at Equirena Field in Burnett, Texas.  ADS Omnibus information

October 10th -15th - The National Drive at the Lexington Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.  This is a non-competitive driving event that mixes pleasure drives with clinics, wine and cheese meet/greets, great sightseeing, and generally just a great week of enjoying your driving equines and friends.  Contact Virginia Goodman 502-370-1848 or email.

October 14th - HACA Annual drive at the Brookwood Care Facility in Brookwood, Texas.  Contact John Milligan 979-574-3419 or email.

October 29th - NTW Halloween Games Day.  Willow Draw Aren.  573 North Bend Road Weatherford, Texas.  NTW website.

Novermber 4th  - 5th.  Black Star Farm CDE & HDT (ADS).  Black Star Farm. 5565 FM 549. Rockwall, Texas.  ADS Omnibus information.

December 9th - Christmas in Winedale.  Come out to the historical village of Winedale (outside of Round Top, Texas) and drive around in your carriage/cart/wagon and be part of the ambiance of an Ole Time Christmas Village.

~ Classifieds ~
Classifieds are free to current TCA Members and will be placed in the newsletter and posted on the club website.  Please advise when your item(s) has been sold.  TCA is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the advertisement.
Looking for Experienced Pony - Registers Welsh (full or half).  12-13 hands, that can also go under saddle.  Sex, age or
show experiencee not important, but must be suitable for children.  Contact Debra Border at 575-430-0757.

Easy Entry Pony Cart - Amish made.  Custom built by Martin's Buggy Shop in October 2016.  Used only once.  Kept inside
and covered since.  Brand new condition.  Sells with custom Smucker'sleather harness.  Fits 12-14 hand pony.  Set of nylon training harness also, never used.  Price new, including shipping to Oklahoma was $4,400.  Asking $2,700.  Located in Lawton, Oklahoma. Contact Debra Border at 575-430-0757.

Open-wheeled Jerald Show Cart - New.  50" shafts & 24" wheels.  Will fit A & B miniature horses.  Comes complete with patent bot and cover.  Can bring to Colege Station for Horseman's Market Day on August 19th, if interested.  $2,000 firm.  Contact Cheryle Shable at 682-225-7301 or email.  Photo

Wicker Governess Cart - Stunning antique carriage with beautiful professional restoration.  Ready to show.  Dark green with straw stripe and wicker.  Tan vinyl upholstery.  Best suited for pony in the lower 12hh range.  $2,000.  Contact Cheryle Shable at 682-225-7301 or email.  Photo

Welsh Mare and her equipment - 10 years old.  13 hh.  Dolly has been shown extensively in playdays, CDE's and ADT's.  She is very forward and has nice movement.  All of her equipment to include a almost new Kutzman Pony carriage and two tone harness are available.  Asking $4,000 for Dolly, $4,000 for the carriage and $750 for the harness.  All in good condition.

The two wheel carriage in the picture is a beautiful Amish Made cart with spindle trim surrounding the seat. The cart is almost new and was used on a 14 hh. Halflinger.  Asking $3,500 for the cart.

The pony and all equipment are located in Buffalo, Texas. Call Patsy Davis at 936-827-7653 or emailPhoto1  Photo2   Photo3 

Beautiful Haflinger Gelding - 8 yrs. old.  14.3 hands, golden with flaxen mane and tail, 4 months harness training with Tom O’Carroll.  Can be seen at Brochi Farm, Pickton Tex.  Contact Carol Muckleroy at 903-759-8104 or 903-918-0171 or email .  Can also contact Tom O’Carroll at 281-731-5202.  Photo

Blue Roan Pinto Miniature Gelding - Beautiful 32", 7 yr. old.  Registered AMHA/AMHR.  Has been shown both breed and ADS Pleasure shows.  Very successful AMHR Country Pleasure classes, In-hand obstacle, and Jumping, and color class. Safe and dependable.  $1,500 firm.  Contact Carol Muckleroy (cell) 903-918-0171, (home) 903-759-8104 or emailPhoto1  Photo2

Polish Domiak Leica Marathon Carriage - Horse.  New condition.  Never used.  Black & Silver, disk brakes, parking brake, removable buddy/dickey seat, air-ride cushion on all 4 wheels, built in number holder and spares pouch on back.  Full wedge seat available.  Asking $4,000.  Contact: Carol Muckleroy at 903-918-0171 or emailPhoto

Section A Registered Buckskin Welsh Mare. She was shown in 2 HDTs  but has not been driven in over a year so will need a tune up. Needs an experienced driver. She is approximately 10 years old and 10.2 H tall . Owner is moving and wants to find her a good home.  Price is VERY negotiable.  Her companion is a 36 " mini gelding and owner wishes to place them together.  Contact Juanita Duel at 254-423-7619.  Photo

Jerald Model ‘A’ Show Cart.  Light walnut finish, Black velour seat, chrome wheels, quilted cover for cart and wheels.  Vehicle is in excellent, like new condition.  Price is $1,800. Contact Jack Koch at 214-476-2745 or emailPhoto

Mill Run Cart (S/N: MRC 2998) - excellent like new condition, flat hubs, brush guards, dash with storage, half moon fenders, assist handles each side, removable elevated driver's seat, spares box, seat backs fold down. Wheels are 46" diameter. Shafts are 76" from single tree to tip.  Price is $2,500.  Contact Jack Koch at 214-476-2745 or emailPhoto

Easy Entry Cart.  I bought this Easy Entry Cart a few years ago to use with a standard donkey.  However some changes in our life made the donkey training low priority and the result is that I still have the unassembled cart.  I do not see a model number on the boxes but the packing slip calls it an Easy Entry Cart.  I measured the shafts from the back bar to the front at 72".  I am not sure how the wheel measurement is taken since none of the sizes on the packing slip seem to match my wheels.  I would like to get $375.00 for it.  Contact Olivia Ash at 979-229-9476.

Kutzman marathon carriage.  Going to offer my new carriage for sale.  Brakes and cushion ride.  Like new brown black, all extras for 12 hand pony.  Contact Patsy Davis at 936-827-7653.

Used Marathon Carriage.  The Challenger, offered at $5,000.  Rarely used, covered storage, donated to and sold by Red Arena, a 501c3 nonprofit organization in Dripping Springs Texas which empowers individuals of all abilities through horses.  This is a complete package:  Good condition, oak, black metal paint finish with green pin striping.  Horse size, single shafts, pole for pairs and shock absorbers, bumper bars w/ mesh.  Comes complete with wedge driver’s seat with high sides, wagonette & dickey seat.  Navigator stand for CDE that seats 2.  Includes custom storage cover.  CAT’s eye speedometer and Cob (single) harness.  This carriage can be dressed for pleasure driving or equipped for the CDE driver. Safe, comfortable, and well build.  Additional pictures available upon request.  Contact Manon at 512.431.2591. Photo

Buckeye Meadowbrook Cart,  Horse size, oak stain with patton dash, patton on shafts, brass hardware, tufted naugahyde seat, flat hub 48” inch wheels, adjustable foot rest, approximately 320 lbs.  Includes canvas cart cover & tools.  Excellent condition.  It was Sparkle’s cart and she passed away February, 2016.  $1,900.  Contact Sheryl Lunz at 903-259-6197.  Greenville, Texas.  Photo

Wooden Easy Entry & Harness.  Lightly used cob-size wooden wheeled easy entry cart and cob-size Tom O’Carroll synthetic harness with good quality Liverpool bit for sale.  All are in very good condition.  They will fit a large pony or small horse. Cart $950. Harness and bit $650.  Contact Jennifer Sustaire at 979-229-4655 or email.  College Station, Texas.  Photo 1  Photo 2

Wanted - Born 2 Be Therapeutic Equestrian Center has an active driving program for individuals with disabilities. We recently acquired a 13.2 Haflinger for our program.  Big problem is - we need a harness and, if there is one out there, an easy entry style cart. Primarily we need harness. So, if you happen to have a harness that might fit this mare, one you aren't using right now, we would love to have it on loan or as a tax deductible donation.  Please contact us if you can help.  You can Make a Difference in the lives of those we serve! Contact Mary Gwinner at 940-595-8200 or email.

~ Club Treasurer ~
It's amazing how time flies, and it is so hard to believe the Tejas Carriage Association was formed back in 2009. While that is young compared to other driving clubs, we have made a mark on the TX driving calendar by offering educational, competitive. and recreational things to do through the year.

Since the very beginning of that day in November a dedicated group of carriage drivers have pitched in personal funds initially, and tons of time since, organizing events that offer the driving community events to enjoy.

Many of you know our organization is a bit unusual , actually we only have one true Club Officer, the rest comprise a Board, or Working Committee that have, for these eight years, gotten along beautifully with the singular purposes mentioned above.

George Pederson has filled that one Club Officer role faithfully and competently as our Treasurer, and after 8 years of doing so he has asked us to see if we might find someone who is willing to take his place.  He and Alta find themselves traveling a great deal and while the job is not overly onerous it is easy to see why he would like to take a break after 8 years.

Please read the attached job description and if you feel you could help your Club please let any one of the Working Committe/Board know. 

Thank you,
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